Psst…so, I have a little confession to make.  It’s something that I’ve been shaking my head about for days…are you ready?

I, Kate Parsons, Holistic Esthetician, Makeup Artist, ingredient junkie and health-concious consumer, got sucked into the glimmer, sparkle and shine of a pretty box.  I saw how it sat on the shelf in its shimmery white compact.  I was hypnotized words like ‘pure’ and ‘natural’.  The plush pinks, the beautiful bronzes and the pearly highlights came together like a kalediscope.  I wore it, I loved it.  I felt soooo good.


Week 2.  Bam!  Breakout central.  Yup, confession numero uno: I TOO break out.  Number two: I got duped. I forgot to check this product for skin-safe ingredients because the marketing said things like “natural” and “pure”, the packaging was so pretty and the product glided on like silk.  When I finally realized my new breakouts were primarly on my cheeks, I flipped it over to look at the ingredients.  Yup, didnt have to read far….the second ingredient was not safe for acne-prone skin. Bummer.  But not surprised.

So, I’m back to blushing, bronzing and highlighting with my old-faithful, acne- safe, Osmosis Colour! (Pictured above. The “one we shall not name” is under it.)  The moral? Check your ingredients, my friends.  Better yet, book a visit with me and I’ll show you how to analyze all your cosmetics!